• Maya Benberry

Why Women Should Date Around

We live in a time where men damn sure live their lives to the fullest. So it's only right that us women make sure to do the same. You will never know when you have a prince until you kiss a few frogs.

I can't even be mad at men now. I GET IT! Like completely get it! Casual dating is the shit. It's fun, stress free, explanation free, wild, exciting, risky and every other positive adjective under the sun to describe a good time. Now don't get me wrong. Relationships are amazing BUT can be extremely EXHAUSTING. I'm using the term exhausting because when I am with someone, I AM WITH YOU. I consume myself into you, after all thats what a partnership is about, right? I worry about your well being, goals, career, family etc. I strive to make an impact in your life by helping you become a better man. So being able to enjoy someones company without having to carry the burden of a full commitment is exhilarating.

I wasn't raised in a place where "casual dating" existed. Casual dating where I'm from will get you labeled a hoe real quick, at least if you're a girl (rolls eyes over double standards). It may just be a southern thing but your role even as a young girl is to prepare yourself to be someone's wife and mother. So many of my high school classmates are married and parents to 3-4 kids and are all under the age of 25.

Yet, my move to LA opened my eyes to ideas that I didn't know existed or were even seen as being "OKAY". LA has taught me that "it's okay" to have fun and DATE. I've ran into so many elders who have told me to WAIT to get married and to have fun. So I will give you guys the same advice they gave me. RELAX and take a deep breath. It's not always about finding a husband/wife. It's great to be alone sometimes and figure out yourself and what qualities you think you may like in a man. Then you can begin to casually date. Have fun, go out, mingle. See what type of men you really like and what qualities work for you. So when that time does come and you finally meet your prince, you can see him from a mile away because of all the toads you ran into along your journey. Men are taught at a young age, to explore, live life and settle down when they find their queen. So to all my ladies in the world, I believe that you should live your life with the same values. Have fun, regret nothing and be fearless.


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