• Maya Benberry

This Week's Beauty Must Haves: Pond's Perfect Colour Complex Beauty Cream

This Week's Beauty Must Have is the Pond's Perfect Colour Complex Beauty Cream. I stumbled across this product not knowing the powers that it held. This beauty cream has changed my skin dramatically and will have a permanent place in my skin care routine.

I do occasionally get break outs from time to time that tend to leave me with some hyperpigmentation and this cream has helped eliminate any scarring that my acne left behind. After removing my makeup, and cleansing my face with my UrbanSkinRx Cleansing bar. I make sure to apply this cream evenly to my face and neck. It's important in your skin care routine to show your neck just as much love and attention as you do your face. If you apply this cream immediately after one of those pesky acne bumps leaves a mark, I guarantee that IF applied daily your scar will be gone within a week, two weeks MAX.

I love trying new beauty products and this cream was a shocker. My grandmother has always used Pond's products and I know that it is great for moisturizing the skin but I've never knew that this product would work so effectively and as fast as this cream does.

So for those of you that have hyperpigmentation or an uneven skin tone. This cream is a MUST HAVE and a MUST TRY. If you do decide to try this product let me know how and if it works for you.


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