• Maya Benberry

This Week's Beauty Must Have: Japonesque Makeup Brush Cleanser Rosewater Scent

Updated: Sep 25, 2019

This Week's Beauty Must Have is the Japonesque Makeup Brush Cleanser. I have had the hardest time finding the right makeup brush cleaner that won't ruin my makeup brush bristles, take forever to dry (like most cleansers) or leave my brushes oily.

The Japonesque Makeup Brush Rosewater cleanser is SIMPLY AMAZING!! Not only does it get rid of ALL your makeup residue, it also doesn't leave your brushes oily or wet. Which means that you can immediately use them to apply your makeup right after cleaning. One thing that I used to hate about cleaning my makeup brushes is having to let them dry overnight and pray that they will be dry by the morning. With this product, you won't have to worry about that at all.

I typically spray the cleanser directly to my brush two or three times and use a washcloth to clean the makeup off. It's amazing to use when you are transitioning eyeshadow shades. It will give you a clean pigmented finish for each shade. A major plus is the rosewater scent that it leaves behind.

I rate this product a 11 out of 10. You can purchase this product at ULTA for $14.00. It's a MAKEUP BAG MUST HAVE and lasts FOREVER!


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