• Maya Benberry

Being A Fashionista on a Budget

A true fashionista doesn't have to spend thousands and thousands of dollars on one outfit to look like money. She can go into Forever 21 and pair it with the right accessories both low or high end and look as if she just came up off the runway. It's not the price of the clothing that matters, its the way you put your pieces together and the confidence you have behind your outfits that does.

I love shopping in the clearance section of any store. That is usually the first place that I go whenever I go to the mall. Why spend $100 on one item when you can get eight things for the same price?!! Forever 21 is my GO TO when it comes to that. I LOVE their "BASICS" section. I will buy 4 of the same basic crop tops, dresses or bodysuits in different colors and styles and make those $4 dollar items look like wealth.

In the photo above, you would never know that that CAMO Jacket and nude dress are both from Forever 21. I was able to purchase both items for under $40. The Camo jacket I paid full price for only because it's a timeless piece that can go with a lot of outfits and the nude bodycon cami dress, I got for ONLY $6. I then paired this outfit with a pair of nude "So Kate" Louboutin's, a Louis Vuitton Clutch and a cute pair of chic sunglasses.

What I've grown to do now with my fashion is to pair high end accessories with low end clothes and BOOM! You look like money!! Forever21 & FashionNova are great places to shop for affordable women's clothing. The quality of their clothing is impeccable and extremely affordable. Pairing a classic pair of LOUBS with any outfit will add that extra ounce of class that will make you stand out and have everyone asking, "Who is that?!".

So my advice to you is to go thrifting! My favorite thrift store is Goodwill. Trust me, when I say that you will be surprised at what you find. So go be that fashionista that can make the cheapest thing look like you bought it on Rodeo Drive. That to me is what makes a true fashionista.


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