• Maya Benberry

Dealing with a Petty EX

We have all been there before. Stuck dealing with an ex who is so petty that they make you want to pull your own hair out. Nothing is as frustrating as having to be the bigger person especially when you have been the bigger person throughout the whole relationship. Below, I will give you some tips on how I've dealt with my shitty exes and how to refrain from being petty.

EXES. Can't live with them and damn sure CAN live without them. Luckily, I've been blessed to walk away from 80% of my relationships on good terms. We are still "cool" to this day which shows me that I wasn't the problem..but we'll save that discussion for another time lol. Now the other 20% have made it their mission to make my life a living hell. Ironically, they broke up with me but yet are the petty ones. I'm sure you guys can relate. If you let them tell it, you're crazy, overly emotional, you make them insecure, blah blah, bullshit, blah. These types of exes to me are the WORST!! The type of ex who loves to play victim and will be petty while doing so.

These types of people are so hard to deal with because they never take a step back to look in the mirror and see their faults, because they are too busy trying to expose yours. They will drive you crazy because you will constantly feel the need to have to explain yourself and prove to people who truly don't matter, that you weren't the problem.

But see, THAT IS THE PROBLEM! One thing that I have learned and mastered, is that other people's opinions of you are NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS. So what if someone thinks your crazy, petty, a liar, unstable, etc, if you know the truth, so the fuck what?

One amazing thing about life is that what others do to you will ALWAYS come back to them. So if you continue to be a great person, you will reap good karma but if you continue to do wrong by people, wrong will continue to happen to you. So as cliche as it sounds, don't entertain the pettiness. They don't deserve that type of energy or time anymore. When someone is trying to argue and subtweet without a response from you, I promise you, they look and sound dumb.

Most people who feel the need to be petty are doing so because they feel some type of way and are trying to make sure that you feel some type of way too. So the best thing to do is to know that someone is trying to get under your skin and do the opposite of what they want. GIVE THEM SILENCE. The best revenge or subliminal is that of you living your life and looking happy while doing so. Even if you are hurt and want to still smack the shit out of them, VENT to your friends but refrain from responding to them via on social media.

BUT make sure that those that you vent to WILL keep what you said to them in confidence. The worst thing that could happen is your so called friends running to your ex or his friends and telling them what was said.

So all in all, fuck what other people have to say about you. Their opinions don't pay your bills, put gas in your car, cuddle you at night, feed you, so why care about them? The best way to be petty is to glow the fuck up and make your ex and his hater friends hate you more!


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